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Rock Springs is a Leadership Adventure!

Anyone can exhibit leadership skills, anywhere, anytime. One of the principles of the Kansas Leadership Center, this statement is at the heart of a leadership experience to take place this summer at Rock Springs 4-H Center, south of Junction City, Kan. Leadership Unlocked is a two-and-a-half day leadership camp experience July 16-18th for high school students entering their sophomore or junior year in Fall 2017.

Rock Springs Empowers Leadership!

At Rock Springs, they believe young people today should feel empowered to be true leaders — young people with confidence, the ability to work well with others, endure through challenges and stick with a job until it is done. Leadership Unlocked will help participants unlock their leadership potential as they learn skills and techniques that will take them to the next level. Camp Director Ron Alexander, faculty chair of the Kansas Leadership Center, has worked with organizations that embrace the KLC principles and competencies and work to build those skills in young people. All instructors are well-versed in the Kansas Leadership Center’s leadership principles and competencies. Kansas colleges and universities teach this curriculum in their leadership studies programs, so participants will have an edge as they think about preparation for higher education.

This leadership adventure will be a full camp experience, complete with lodging in Rock Spring’s beautiful limestone cottages, home-cooked meals and traditional camp activities like rock wall climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding and archery. In addition, the masters of Manhattan’s ‘Locked’ have built in an escape room experience throughout the event. Participants will look for clues to unlock the leadership within while learning in workshops and taking part in fun recreational activities. Camp registration will be limited to 200 participants. The camp is a must for students looking to strengthen their impact in among their peers and spheres of influence. For more information, visit Kansas4hfoundation.org/leadership-unlocked.