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Cleargold Worship Dance Offers Awestruck III

Public Concert to offer Scripture through the Grace, Power and Joy of DanceCleargold dancers-web

Cleargold Worship Dance will offer their third annual Awestruck performance at First Southern Baptist Church, 1912 SW Gage, on Thursday, July 21, from 7 – 8 p.m.

Cleargold is an ensemble of Christian dancers who devote their talent to God and Jesus Christ by developing dances that express worshipful passion and love while promoting Scriptural verses. The ensemble represents varying churches but focus on what is shared: a love for God and bringing His Word to people with engaging beauty – and fun.

The name Cleargold comes from Revelation 21:21, when the new Holy City is described as having “streets of gold as clear as glass.” We believe there will be dances of celebration on these streets so we are starting now.

The ensemble has toured the region for seven years, dancing at over 130 locations and events. Fees are not charged, but donations are accepted to support expenses such as outfits, music, etc.

Cleargold has a large repertoire of dances of mixed styles including ballet, contemporary, lyrical, modern, jazz and revival. This allows staff or organizers to select what they feel will be the best fit for their congregation or those watching. Dances are done to contemporary Christian music or instrumentals. Ensemble dancers must be at the advanced level of ballet technique training. Rehearsal time is focused on choreography, rather than teaching dance. Dancers are between middle-school and post-graduate age. Strong stamina is necessary as dancers are often in 5 or more dances in a row. They adopt a code of conduct through the honor system, so as to protect against any distraction from the Scriptural message. The term “perform” is avoided as it may draw attention to the talent of those dancing, rather than emphasizing the scriptural message and love for God and Christ. All dance movements are modest, as are all of the ensemble’s outfits.

Awestruck III furthers its outreach by offering of some of our dances to the general public. There is no admission charged, but a free will offering will be taken. The cleargold dancers 3-webconcert will last approximately one hour. The dances will range from contemplative, to worshipful, to upbeat revival, to celebratory and passionate. One piece is even comedic. All will be based on Scripture. All of the dances are new since Awestruck II in 2014, except for two that have been in each Awestruck concert. These two include Cleargold alumni dancers.

The ensemble truly tries to serve through Worship dance. In addition to reaching Christians in worship services, and the public at various events, they offer an annual children’s Worship Dance Camp to the public. They have danced at The Rescue Mission’s Hope Center and have preliminary plans to offer children’s workshops at the Mission’s Children’s Palace. They teach Worship dance twice a year at the Doxazo camp in the Hi-Crest area. Dancers who are over 18 have danced at the Women’s Detention facility the last two years.

A Facebook page at “Cleargold Worship Dance” includes photos and updates of opportunities to see Cleargold. You can “like” the page to support efforts and stay appraised of activities.