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Readers responding to future of Metro Voice

When we were  interviewed for our cover story about our almost three decades of publishing, we knew we had the support of our friends. Little did we know how much Metro Voice meant to our thousands of readers. Each day we receive an email, letter or phone call from these readers. Many of the calls are from our older readers who are sad they’ll not have a physical copy of the paper to thumb through each month. For some they don’t have access to the internet and the paper is their connection to the outside world. For others it is an enjoyable habit that they realize will need to take the form of an online connection.

In our February edition we printed the kind words that many of our ardent supporters expressed. We wanted to share them with you here:

Metro Voice has touched thousands of readers, ministry leaders and advertisers over the past 29 years. Several of them shared their thoughts about its longtime impact and exciting future.

Metro Voice has touched thousands of readers, ministry leaders and advertisers over the past 29 years. Several of them shared their thoughts about its longtime impact and exciting future.

“Metro Voice has across its history been one of the key communication pieces that has kept the greater Kansas City community informed of activities and services of the Christian community in our area. The vision and perseverance of Dwight and Anita Widaman have benefited the diverse arms of Christianity, who seldom met each other or even knew of the other’s existence yet are working for the same ultimate goals. Whether it be in the field of education, politics, church ministry or supportive church services, Metro Voice has helped keep us together.

“Kansas Christian College and Overland Christian Schools salute Dwight and Anita for their labor of love and wish them well as they keep pace with the times in moving to a digital format only. May God richly bless you both and give you strength for your labor!”

— Delbert Scott


Kansas Christian College

Overland Park


“One of the things I have appreciated about Metro Voice over the many years is the Kingdom mentality they have brought to the people of Kansas City. As long as God is glorified and exalted, the Widamans produced Christian reporting excellence every single month. I always looked forward to reading their monthly news to see what God was doing in the Kansas City metro area and in the world. I eagerly look forward to seeing their transition to a full digital newsletter.”

— Rod Handley


Character That Counts

Lee’s Summit


“I have watched over the years as Metro Voice has grown and grown! Because of God’s grace and two dedicated people, Dwight and Anita Widaman, the entire body of Christ has been blessed to be able to network and grow in so many ways. It is amazing to me how the newspaper meets so very many needs in our Christian community. I love keeping up with the news, politics, looking for recommendations on movies and viewing all of the things going on in both Kansas City and Topeka.

“It is difficult for me to fathom how Dwight and Anita can wear so many hats and network with so many people as they have for years. Dwight and Anita, please let me thank you again for your diligence, your resilience with the changing times and also your amazing contribution to the body of Christ.”

— Sandi Kenney, Kenney Sales Team



“Metro Voice has been a beacon of hope and has provided encouragement and news for the Christian community faithfully. It has shared the good news in many ways, including many ministries activities and events to encourage and strengthen the Kingdom. It is my expectation this will continue in its digital format and will even reach a new generation of readers as it makes this transition.

“My congratulations to Dwight and Anita Widaman for their vision and for their commitment to this ministry. We wish them the best as they make the change to the digital-only format, and we pledge our continued support and encouragement.”

— Russell Martin


Missouri Baptist Children’s Home

Bridgeton, Mo.


“Heart of America Bible College and Christian Academy have advertised with and distributed Metro Voice for as many years as they have been publishing. We have found that this has been very beneficial to our ministry to get the word out to our metro area about what we are doing for the Kingdom of God. Our prayers and best wishes to Dwight and Anita in their new endeavor.”

— Carroll McCarroll


Heart of America Bible College

Kansas City



“The reason I support Metro Voice is I want to encourage Christian publications. I support Dwight and Anita as they get out the messages that Christians need to know. I’m not into digital as much as some people – I’m one of the dinosaurs – but it’s a fact of life today, and many people get their news through that mechanism. If you’re in the business, you have to move where the business is. You have to go where the people are.”

— Bill Lewis

Lewis Law Office

Lee’s Summit